Building a path to success is impossible without the right people. They stand out from the crowd - with a spark in their eyes, hunger for challenges and creation of something meaningful.


With Digital Chain you will always have new heights to conquer and a team to support and guide your efforts.

Here in DC we are


Stepping into each other’s shoes ...and all else follows! We value healthy emotions. The ability to understand yourself and others allows to resolve difficult situations, make reasoned and consistent decisions and save internal energy.


Teamworking. We are a team! And as a team, we motivate and inspire each other, share important things and together strive to create the best solutions - for our customers and the global community.


Aiming for win-win approach, We strive for mutually beneficial relationships with customers and partners. Therefore, we trust, go for the most efficient result, remain open to rational risk, and keep long-term goals in mind.


Never breaking commitments. We value a responsible approach. Whether it’s working with a client or within our structure, we approach every detail with maximum responsibility, confirming that we are truly reliable.


Daring to be true. We do not judge, but seek solutions. Therefore, we honestly and openly discuss both our ups and downs, speak up about the risks in time, and always have a plan B.


Out-of-the-box thinking. An unconventional approach is our thing! We think about tasks from unexpected angles and create solutions that boldly and efficiently highlight the client in the market’s advertising noise.

Be STAND OUT, join us!

We have so much to do together:


Hack your Friday with cool insights and new knowledge


Improve your language skills with professional teachers, native speakers included


Get assistance with your professional development visiting the best educational event


Meet off hours to run marathons, participate in hobby clubs or charities, and just have fun together

Every member of our family has the guaranteed paid vacations, sick or maternity leaves. After some time in the company you can switch to another department to get new verge of expertise or change your specialization to grow in a new direction.

Finally, yes, we have cookies! As well as a range of healthy fruity options.

Think you’ve got what it takes to join DC?