The new face of betting “ParimatchO” sitcom series

client : Parimatch
services : Strategy / Creative / Media / Digital / Communications
geo : Ukraine


The wrong image of betting, historically imposed, hinders the development of the brand and the category as a whole. Parimatch seeks to instill a proper understanding of betting.


To become a natural part of day-to-day life, make a brand more people friendly. To develop an understanding of betting as a emotional leisure for everybody.


We have chosen a format that was unusual for the category and, to accurately engage everyone, we have created a sitcom with the national stars and well known comedians - members of Kvartal 95 Studio.

Parimatch was the first among betting companies to reach regular families. And not just reached - it showed its expertise as a technological hologram buddy ParimatchO.

Throughout our series, we have shown that sports can be appreciated in different ways. Everyone can love sports! Out plots were based on the simple, day-to-day jokes, relatable for a wide audience. And we have also created a unique character - hologram helper that knows the answers to all questions, and makes jokes no worse than famous comedians.


Category penetration has increased by 2 times - from 8% to 16%. The campaign has succeeded in changing the perception of the category, shifting it from a dead point and improving the brand's business performance more than expected. Parimatch has become not just another betting platform, but a new lifestyle.


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