Legends about legends Brand ambassador integration

client : Parimatch
services : Strategy / Creative / Media / Digital / Communications
geo : Ukraine / Kazakhstan


After rebranding, the TOP bookmaker continues to fire everyone to win along the coolest people ever. That’s why the brand has strengthened a list of its ambassadors with one of the greatest world fighters - Mike Tyson.


Showcase the rational advantages of the brand using extraordinary image of Mike Tyson.


We have launched a new advertising campaign with the legendary brand ambassador, who’s as bold, daring, and fearless, as Parimatch itself. In a series of short fun videos, Mike Tyson himself in a role of an engaged player showcased the brand’s advantages on his own example. Because it’s easy, fun, and very comfortable to play and win with Parimatch.

The campaign has conquered all the levels of media space

We have presented videos about Parimatch might everywhere: across the Internet, on the radio and television, and of course on the streets - to ensure that brand will definitely be a part of its players’ lives.


Over 45% of the target audience have seen all three videos with Tyson. This is a higher indicator that that of any of the brand’s competitors. Moreover, we have gotten an extremely high indicator of the brand recognition in advertising: over 90% of target audience had immediately named Parimatch when contacted with the advertising videos. 50% of the audience had identified the advertising as unique and different from any competitors’.


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