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We look to the horizon.
By understanding our surroundings


Analytics never sleep. Prior to making important decisions for any brand, we study the market, the audience, the business potential and the strategy of our competitors. We monitor the reaction of the audience to our strategy and alter it as we go forward. We analyze historical results, build models and adjust our course of action to achieve maximum business efficiency and results

If something cannot be measured, it cannot be improved

Anna Krutko, Head of Research & Analytics


Behind the preparation of the brand’s marketing strategy, there is always a deep analytical process based on the clients business growth, target audiences and points of contact with them

The result of the analysis is a set of the most effective media tools /sources / formats that are necessary to achieve the results within the approved goals and objectives

While creating the strategy, you are actually writing the success story of your brand

Oleg Profatilo, Head of Strategy Department


It all starts with an idea based on a true insight. The idea is cool! It is the cornerstone of our work, our foundation. Having Big Idea is even cooler. However, our ultimate goal is a Big Idea that works, finds its place in the minds of the audience as well as achieving the necessary business results 

To implement the most daring ideas we take the script, direction, and production of video and graphic materials of any complexity and make them truly spectacular

Every big idea has an equally big goal! Let's set big goals for ourselves because they will inspire outstanding creative solutions that turn brands into real lovemarks and change people's perception

Vladimir Kobets, Creative Director


We produce turnkey campaigns, delivering them from conducting the market analysis and strategic planning to support and constantly monitoring their effectiveness after launch 

Special projects, media / analytical consulting, SEO for gambling products, promotion, increasing traffic, SMM and bloggers. We know how to raise awareness for your business and make it better

Digital is an endless journey that requires courage

Iryna Yeromenko, Digital Head


There is no place for errors in search engines. In SEO, just as it is in sports, only the strongest wins. We know how to roll out, optimize and promote the product to the markets. Long-term experience, strategic approach, and high professionalism allow us to achieve the necessary results in order to obtain your goals

A specialist can create the process, but only a team can deliver the results

Sviatoslav Slaboshpitskiy, Head of SEO Department


We help to promote mobile apps on Google Play and App Store, attracting targeted organic traffic to clients. Even if a client has problems with applications – we will find a way out

Mobile is the future of online. Business that does not adapt to it knowingly destroys itself

Alexander Tverdokhleb, Head of New Developments Acquisition


The client’s image is a reflection of our capabilities.
To enhance the reputation of your brand, we create inspiring content and speak to the audience in their language. We manage the information, evaluate the effectiveness of communication and provide support for special sponsor projects of various scales

Communication is a conversation. It is important to communicate effectively with your audience

Ilias Melikov, PR Head


DC is not just an agency, it’s family. Our services show the way we guide the Client from the inception of the idea to its implementation. We support, assist and give the right direction for our Clients at every stage. Each new project is a challenge, that is worth going through to share the pride for the perfect work with the Client, for results we gain. Through hardships to the stars :)


Anastasia Lypchak, Head of Client Service Department